Scottish Juniper - a return to tradition

In the 18th century Scotland’s fragrant juniper was exported to Holland to produce Jenever (gin's great, great grandfather). This tradition died out 200 years ago but we at Crossbill were captivated by the idea of reviving Scottish juniper harvesting to produce a new gin.

Now, with the help of the Forestry Commission and, Crossbill has revived Scotland's juniper production and is delighted to be able to produce the only gin to use 100% Scottish juniper.


Handcrafted dry gin produced with 100% Scottish juniper and rosehip.

Crossbill Gin is a celebration of juniper and rosehip, two bold and fresh Highland botanicals. Made using only 100% Scottish hand picked botanicals, we have re-established a long lost tradition of harvesting Scottish juniper. We believe this creates a distinct taste evocative of the ancient pine forests where juniper has grown for centuries.


We'll be coming round the mountain...

Getting slightly closer to sea level doesn't affect the crisp refreshment of Crossbill Gin...

We recently moved to the legendary Barrowlands, in the east end of Glasgow.

Our purpose built facility at Barras Art and Design allows us to expand and increase the volumes of each batch we produce.

This great space has also allowed us to start up our Gin School, offering you the chance to sample straight from the still and to create your own custom Crossbill blends.

For more information on our Gin School, click here.


Crossbill Gin School Shared Experience Voucher

A wonderful few hours at our distillery in Glasgow. We explain how gin is made and the various botanicals used. You then select your own botanical basket and distill your very own gin in a miniature copper pot still. Finally you bottle, label and wax seal your unique creation to take away and enjoy.  

Voucher price includes:

  • 2-3 hour Gin masterclass including complimentary tutored tasting

  • 1 Personalised 50cl bottle of your own recipe gin.

  • Discount available for you to use at our distillery shop.

  • Admits 1 plus guest.

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