A handcrafted dry gin produced uniquely with 100% Scottish juniper and rosehip.

Crossbill Gin is a celebration of juniper and rosehip, two bold and fresh Highland botanicals.  Our gin takes its name from the Scottish Crossbill - a native bird which, like our juniper supply, can only be found in the ancient Caledonian pine forests of Scotland. Little did we know when we set out to create a Scottish botanical gin that finding a supply of juniper would take us on such a journey.

Many moons ago Scotland’s fragrant juniper was exported to Holland to produce Jenever (gin's great, great grandfather). This tradition died out 200 years ago but Crossbill’s founder Jonathan was captured by the idea of reviving Scottish juniper harvesting to produce gin. All he needed to do was to find some…

Jonathan roamed the highlands, searching for juniper in forests and glens, and perfected a technique for distilling the Scottish variety. But he had not yet found enough juniper to produce more than a few bottles of gin.  Until a chance meeting at a highland inn brought Jonathan to Inshriach, a remote forest in the Cairngorms where juniper thrives. Five years on this has become home to Crossbill Gin, and after much effort our long awaited first harvest produced a small but perfectly formed batch of gin. It sold out within days!

Since then we’ve been working on cultivating a sustainable wild juniper supply.  Our beautiful micro distillery sits in the middle of a forest and we can have our juniper in the still within 5 minutes of picking. Every year we only release small batches, in harmony with the way the juniper is growing,  and each as distinct as the harvest that is picked by hand. Every temperature change, every drop of rain is captured to create a truly unique taste.

After so much hard work, we love Crossbill Gin and hope you will too. If you’d like to try it for yourself, please do order a bottle.

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Great things come from little sheds.


Due to reduced deer numbers and the remoteness of the Cairngorms National Park it is one of the only areas of the UK that has abundant native juniper. Locating the micro distillery within the forest gives us an unrivaled ability to pick fresh juniper and have it in the still in less than 5 minutes.


Highland Juniper


For centuries Scotland's fragrant juniper was exported to Holland to produce Jenever, a tradition that died out 200 years ago. Now, with the help of the Forestry Commission and PlantLife.org, Crossbill has revived Scotland's juniper production and is delighted to be able to produce the only gin to use 100% Scottish juniper.